Forster curtain system
  • Forster curtain system


Multi- functional

With Forster thermfix vario it is possible to create impressive facades with

Generously sized elements, an imposing appearance and large transparent



The new transom connector substantially reduces assembly work. The elements

can be connected quickly and easily .Another practical feature is the fact the

new transom  connector can be used for all steel profiles available in the trade.


The single –component continuous inner seal is identical for mullions and

transoms, saving time and money .The integrated drainage channel and a

sealing zone for the rebate insulator make it possible to make the façade

highly thermally insulating. The durability of the curtain wall in enhanced by

overlapping sealing planes at the crossover points.


Technical details


Material options                                   Steel

                                                          Stainless steel 1.4301, grained, 220-240 grain

Face width                                          45 and 60 mm

System properties                               Impressive element sizes for generous looks and large

                                                                Transparent areas.

                                                                Multi-storey design tested up to 5m height


Performance    specifications*              Fire resistance classification of building component to EN 13501-2

                                                                EI30, EI60, EI90, i<->0 (E30/EW30, E60/EW60, E90)


                                                                EI30, EI60: single-, double- and triple – glazing, EI90: single- and       



                                                                Fire behavior of building products to EN 13501-1: class E

                                                                Classification from CE testing to EN 13830:

                                                                - Thermal insulation: Uf,-values up to 1.0 W/ (m2.K)

                                                                - Resistance to wind load to EN 12179: 3 KN, safety load 4.5Kn

                                                                -  Rain impermeability load to EN 12155: RE 1200

                                                                -  Air permeability to EN 12153: AE (>600)

                                                                -  Airborne sound insulation (ENISO 140-3): RW up to 45 dB

                                                                - Impact resistance to EN 14019: E5 /I5

                                                                - Burglar resistance to EN I627-I630: RC 2-3

                                                                  EI30:  certified in combination with bullet resistance to EN 1522-1523

                                                                  FB4NS and burglar resistance to EN 1627-1630






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